The sun comes out over the Norwegian capital when the ferry returns to the continent. I definitely chose the right time to do my little expedition! The docks are so full that it will probably take an hour for the last in the queue to finally board! This afternoon, I decided to walk around Oslo’s hippest neighbourhood. Rome has Trastevere, […]

Hei Oslo! (Norwegian Wood)

For the first time since my arrival in Oslo, the weather seems to sulk … A cold wind blows from the sea on the banks of Vippetangen where I just bought a 24 hour pass for public transport. With that, I could hop between the various islands of the fjord! And yes, the ticket combines subway, tram, bus … and […]

It’s Easter Sunday! When I walk by the Cathedral on Stortorget, a crowd of people is rushing for the Mass! Young, old, parents with toddlers in prams, teenagers in jeans … Faith seems still alive and well in Norway! My mind is still slightly hazy despite the two cups of coffee I have already swallowed, but I reassured myself feeling […]

The presentations made, Alina offers us the programme for this afternoon: she will take us to the ski jump platform for the world championships and then we’ll eat in one of the best cafés in Oslo before going back to town and find my two travelling companions to decide what to do next. We are thus leaving toward the underground, […]

Hei Oslo! (Landing)

The plane begins its landing at the airport of Moss Rygge. From the window, I discover a landscape of pines and rocky coasts where small wooden houses huddle along the water and each has a boat waiting quietly a few steps away. Norway looks like its cliché, so far! For a long time I wanted to go to Oslo. Already as a little […]